How Did You People Find Me, Anyway?

Dear Friends,

So normally you see me yip in the space about movies, and sometimes you get to have some insight into the kind of communication that keeps a marriage between a former (mildly insane) scenic artist and a current (Vulcan) metallurgical engineer fresh and zippy.    But this blog is called The Knitting Cinephile, so I’ve decided that today I’m going to speak (at least obliquely) about knitting.

I do, in fact, knit.  People who know me are aware of this fact, and most of my better friends are the knitting friends I’ve made since I’ve started knitting.  Knitters make good friends.  How often can you get a group of people together who all hold very pointy sticks that they don’t tend to use on each other?  Knitters are actually fairly docile people unless theft of yarn is threatened.  As my bumper sticker says:  I knit so I don’t kill people.  I have not yet been asked about what I did before I started knitting.

Here is something that knitters do that you may not be aware of:  knitters stare at knitted objects.

Okay, I guess that wasn’t so much of a bombshell.  But if you happen to be in a store and see a person inspecting and touching and fondling a knitted piece of clothing, chances are  that person is trying to work out the construction of the garment.  (or is in fact a weird fetishist, but this isn’t that kind of blog — at least not today)  And it’s not just in a store.  I’ve paused television shows and movies because I’m enthralled with a knitted object.  I’ve mentioned this before when I discussed the movie Sinister:

Cables, Cables, and Cables, oh my!

Cables, Cables, and Cables, oh my!

When I check my stats, it turns out that people most often find this page because of that sweater:

Hmmm.... patch packets that work into the bottom ribbing  ....

Hmmm…. patch packets that work into the bottom ribbing ….

ethan hawke’s sweater in sinister 

Is that a raglan sleeve or just a really deep inset?

Is that a raglan sleeve or just a really deep inset?

ethan hawke sweater sinister

The ribbing on the underside of the sleeve matches the sweater side ....

The ribbing on the underside of the sleeve matches the sweater side ….

sinister cabled sweater pattern

Then there's that great honeycomb on the back ... and what about that shawl collar?

Then there’s that great honeycomb on the back … and what about that shawl collar?


So, knitters, here’s the thing.  A pattern for this sweater doesn’t exist …. YET.  See, here’s the wonderful thing about having so many knitting friends.  I have tasked my good friend P, who is a knitting master (as well as being the most awesome mac-daddy queen of Las Vegas, but that’s also a different blog entry) with coming up with a knitting pattern for this sweater.  And she has dived most whole-heartedly into the project, dedicated even to the point where she will watch at least parts of the movie so she can see the sweater better.  (P hates scary movies)

So if you’ve found this blog because you want to knit that sweater, I promise that I will keep updating the progress of the creation of the pattern.  If you want to buy the sweaterm I can tell you, as a knitter, you will never be able to afford buying that hand-knitted sweater from me.  Unless perhaps you are Ethan Hawke, and then you and I will have to have a Conversation.  With the Hubster.


About The Knitting Cinephile

I'm obsessed with good yarn, bad movies, and the Hubster.
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17 Responses to How Did You People Find Me, Anyway?

  1. Nilliem says:

    So, I found you a long time ago, from D-land. I crochet, and knit. And I love the reviews. Excellent advice, usually!
    That sweater? FAB-ulous. I prefer my complicated patterns in crochet, so while I can appreciate ALL the work in de-constructing it for a pattern and how amazing it will look when done….

    There’s not enough chocolate, sex OR money (not even all three) in the world to make me want to do that many cables, 😉

    Can’t wait to read more updates!


  2. Mark McLaughlin says:

    Have you come up witha pattern for Ethan Hawkes sweater yet?


    • scotvalkyrie says:

      My friend says she’s “working on it” …. I hope we will have the pattern in test mode by early 2014. These things take a while!


  3. Gypsy Roads says:

    I just saw that movie on cable. I want that sweater for my husband! Has anyone been able to create it? I will buy one.


  4. vtknitboy says:

    Any update on this? ! Might have to deconstruct it myself.


    • The Knitting Cinephile says:

      Yikes, seriously, youight have to work on it yourself. My dear friend P has had one b!itch of a year, so if you want to take on the project, have at it …. And I will be a test knitter for you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Kristen says:

    Any updates on this? IM searching everywhere for this sweater!


    • The Knitting Cinephile says:

      I think I need to remind my friend that she should be working on this! She always seems to be working on other people’s projects!


  6. Tc says:

    Has anyone been able to create a template for this sweater?! I will pay!


  7. Keenan says:

    How is the pattern for the cardigan coming along?


  8. Jessica says:

    Any progress on the pattern? I would also be interested in purchasing or even funding the project? I am an avid knitter but have never ventured into making my own patterns, in fact I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But I love this sweater enough to pay someone to make a pattern for it.


  9. pattibailey says:

    Found you because my brother asked me to knit him that sweater… I see the posts on the progress has been ongoing for years.. believe me I told him it would take years to knit that, and then gave him the same comment you said re: couldn’t afford to knit that unless of course you are Ethan Hawkes…” etc.. lol would love to see the end pattern result though.. and he’s an xxl 😱😱😱


    • I would love to see the pattern too … the problem is that I’m waiting on another person to actually do up the design, and she’s had one thing or another happen over the past — however many — years that I’ve been requesting her to do this. I keep hoping that “this year will be the year!” but I honestly don’t know when a pattern, even a test pattern, will be available.

      Liked by 1 person

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