DISASTROUS DOUBLE FEATURE: “Revival of Evil: The Occult in America” (1980) / “Cult Explosion” (1980)


How many cults does the occult cult if the occult could cult cults?

Oh. My. Stars. And. Garters.  Who remembers the early 1980’s?  Remember the Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic? Remember how there were at least tens of thousands of people who were alleged members?  Remember regression therapy?  Michelle Remembers? Seriously, if you didn’t have false implanted memories back then, you were no one.

I’ll tell you who remembers all that stuff.  New Liberty Videos does, that’s who.  Their tagline on their website is “Christian DVDs changing lives now and for eternity”.  That’s a pretty broad mission statement.  I will say that all three (yep, three, there’s a bonus feature to this double feature) are certainly of a Fundamental Christian bent, and even though this set of videos were made in 1980, there’s not much there that won’t fit into today’s fundamentalist thinking.  Science and Satanism go hand-in-hand, according to these guys.  Lovely.

So, Revival of Evil: The Occult in America features candid shots inside Anton LaVey s First Church of Satan (which are stolen from another documentary, Satanis: the Devil’s Mass — way to break copyright laws, “Christians” …); witchcraft in famous rock groups (the alleged “musician and sound technician” doesn’t even know that KISS is Knights in Satan’s Service, and not Kings in Satan’s Service, for crissakes.  What a poser!); demonic possession through yoga (I would say wtf? but back then yoga was for hippie communist pinko Krishna-Buddhist-Hindu-Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong freaks, and not for decent Christian folks.  That has changed, though.  I know for a fact that there are several Christian Yoga places in my town, with names like Holy Yoga, Genesis Yoga, Yahweh Yoga).


… to grunts, groans, and flatulence.  Praise Jesus!

There’s also lots of testifying by those bewitched by Ouija boards, seances, UFOs, witchcraft, drugs, and the bright lights of San Francisco (eek!).   For the most part, these stories are told by those who have been triumphantly delivered through The Light and Love That Is Jesus Christ, Incorporated!  Wheeee!

Cult Explosion is actually a little more interesting.  According to this flick, 35 million people are in a cult, and 78% of all cult groups are made up of people who have previously attended Christian churches. Back in 1992, when I was attending grad school, my local paper boasted the headline, “47% of Alabamians are Going to Hell!” (meaning that 47% of Alabama was not Fundamentalist Christian.  Nice, huh?)  Testimonies from ex-cult leaders and members share information about those great wacky cults: The People’s Temple, Worldwide Church of God, Moonies, Hare Krishna, Christian Science, Scientology, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Unity, and the Manson Family.


My religion is based on golden plates translated out of a hat! Yeah!

Of course, a number of these religions are all about the $$$ and how much “tithing” they can get out of your average poor dope who really just wants to know what it is all about.  Frankly, for me, it’s about dark chocolate, yarn, and hugs.  And since I was raised Roman Catholic, I’m heading to hell anyway.

The bonus feature on this disc was Is There Life After Marriage? but it really should have been called Make Room in Your Bed for Jesus, Because Your Marriage Ain’t Sh!t Without Him.

I’m off now to enjoy some Flavor-Aid, thank you, goodnight.


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