MOVIE MINI REVIEW: Waking Sleeping Beauty (2009)


The moral of the story: “Never Piss Off an Animator, For They Are All Snarky and Can All Draw Great Caricatures.”


If you lived through the Michael Eisner years of Disney and survived with your love of animated Disney flicks intact without becoming completely jaded and losing your fairy dust altogether, then you should give this documentary a look. Using home movies, scrapbook photos, and news clips, director Don Hahn and former Disney animation president Peter Schneider present a sentimental but somehow not terribly sappy memoir of Disney Animation’s “dark” years — 1984-1994 or so. It begins with The Black Cauldron and Don Bluth’s abdication, going through the Katzenberg and Eisner years and culminating with the animation renaissance of The Little Mermaid/Beauty and the Beast/Aladdin/The Lion King. Bonus: you get to see a young Tim Burton, whom I had forgotten worked as a Disney animator. He looks just as weird and addlepated as he does now.


What the Knitting Cinephile was working on while watching this:


My first foray into “illusion knitting”. With cleverly placed knits and purls, you can make a sort of “yarn mirage”.  This scarf will eventually say “Don’t Blink”.  And yes, my socks are different colors.  I go by thickness, not color.


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I'm obsessed with good yarn, bad movies, and the Hubster.
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1 Response to MOVIE MINI REVIEW: Waking Sleeping Beauty (2009)

  1. Nilliem says:

    I like the knitting! Very cool. Post a pic when you are done? I’ve been knitting mittens for my youngest; in seed stitch, oy. And booties for my oldest, who is expecting her first in March. And trying to crochet random stuff, in between! 🙂

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