MINI MOVIE REVIEW: “Stepdad” (2009)

51v0b6-s8+L._SY445_I apparently have reached another section of What in the World was I Thinking? in my Netflix queue.  I’m sure at one point I just dropped in anything that was on disc that was considered a British crime drama.  Unfortunately, this film is more like a tepid Lifetime Channel outing with a extraordinary amount of cursing.  I’m unsure if this was a made-for-TV movie or if this was an actual theatrical release.  At any rate, Billy Watkins endured battering, torture, and starvation at the hands of his mother and stepdad as a child.  Twenty-odd years later, he actually takes them to court to be held accountable for their treatment of him.

Why this is specifically called Stepdad, I’m not sure, as Billy’s mother was a right old hateful drunken bitch to the kid as well.  Billy was the middle child between two girls, and his older sister Jackie did attempt to help Billy get some food and relief from the abuse.  There was also an older brother, who was also a right jackass, but he was out of the house.  In an odd move, the director has this character played by only one actor, so we get to see a thirty-year-old actor play his teenage self in flashbacks.

I’m left to wonder if this movie is somehow trying to play into the popularity of Dave Pelzer’s A Child Called It, which is also a lurid story of Pelzer’s abuse at the hands of his mother.  At any rate, this movie was directed by Mark Moraghan, who is best known for his voice work on the Thomas the Tank Engine TV series.  Stepdad is Mark’s only directing credit.  Poor dope.


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