MINI MOVIE REVIEW: “Black Devil Doll” (2007)

He's back, he's black, and he's a mother-effin puppet, and we ain't kidding, MotherF***er!

He’s back, he’s black, and he’s a mother-effin puppet, and we ain’t kidding, MotherF***er!

As the caption on the DVD cover says, “This Movie Offends Everyone!”, and they’re not kidding about that, either. Do not confuse this movie with Black Devil Doll From Hell (1984), which is probably more palatable than this flick, although I can’t be sure, because I haven’t seen that one, and Black Devil Doll is about as palatable as lukewarm squid that’s been basted in sun-ripened mayonnaise. In this movie, Mubia Abul-Jama, a Black Panther and all-around murderer, rapist, and thug is executed at the exact moment a ditzy broadbreasted broad plays with a Ouija board, displacing Mubia’s soul into a ventriloquist’s dummy. A murderous, raping, thug of a ventriloquist’s dummy that would possibly not even be allowed on Jerry Springer, he’s so vile.

This is one of those movies that I can’t say It’s So Bad It’s Good … I think I would have to categorize it as It’s So Bad and I Was Embarrassed to be Watching It, But I Couldn’t Look Away, and I am Ashamed that I Laughed Here and There.


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2 Responses to MINI MOVIE REVIEW: “Black Devil Doll” (2007)

    • The Knitting Cinephile says:

      I’m going to allow this comment, because I know this Shawn fellow is trying to get traffic to the new Youtube series featuring the Black Devil Doll, “Dere Goes Da Neighborhood!”. If any of my readers want to be further offended by this guy, go check out the above link. Also, I’m going to plug the website, because they have a lot of awesome t-shirts for the kinds of movies I like to review here. I’m not a paid spokesperson for either Black Devil Doll or Rotten Cotton, nor do I recommend Black Devil Doll for the those people of a delicate constitution or for those people who have refined taste. It’s already too late for me.


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