MINI MOVIE REVIEW: Amityville II: The Possession (1982)

Tell me ... does these windows make me look cross-eyed?

Tell me … does these windows make me look cross-eyed?

This Dino de Laurentiis pile of celluloid is supposedly a prequel to The Amityville Horror that loosely follows a fictionalized version of the DeFeo family, meanwhile using all the paranormal occurences that George Lutz told the media, as well as a few more he would have wished he could up with.  There is quite a bit of ewwwww factor that has nothing to do with all the “subcutaneous puffy skin ballooning” effects that were so popular in 1982.  The movie stars Burt Young as the dad, but I always have a hard time separating the actor from either the Paulie character from all the Rocky movies, or from the redneck hauling a load of hogs in Convoy.  I think my favorite part was the totally tubular Walkman cassette player the eldest boy Sonny had.  Yep, we had to carry around a metal box the size of a brick in order to play our dozen tunes, kids.  And it was just about as heavy.  And it was awesome.


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