Conversation with Hubster: Bedtime.

Valkyrie:  I wonder what I’ll dream about tonight.

Hubster: Bunnies.

Valkyrie:  *sigh* No.

Hubster:  Radioactive ninja bunnies?

Valkyrie:  If only my dreams were that simple!  I could dream about radioactive ninja bunnies, but in my dream, in order to defeat the bunnies, I’ll have to team up with a Mexican wrestler and chase the bunnies down in a 1962 Dodge Dart, but the car only has three tires.

Hubster:  Couldn’t you walk to the bunnies?

Valkyrie:  No, because the bunny compound is 54 miles away.  So I have to find Trixie the cocktail waitress because her brother Mickey will have a tire that fits the 1962 Dodge Dart, but before I can get the tire, I get whisked away to a dance competition where I have to be the judge, but the dance hall is falling down around me because of the storks!  You know those storks!  I’ve told you about them before.  The storks are evil and they will kill us all if we stray from the trail underneath their flight path. *sigh*  Those are the kind of dreams I have.  Bunnies?  I wish.

Hubster:  Goodnight, dear.


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I'm obsessed with good yarn, bad movies, and the Hubster.
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2 Responses to Conversation with Hubster: Bedtime.

  1. Nilliem says:

    I’d go see that movie!! New career? Screenwriter it is! 🙂


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