Conversation with Hubster: Engineers Can’t Dress Themselves, part 2.

Hubster:  So it turns out that I don’t have three sports jackets; I have only two.

Valkyrie:  Yeah, I didn’t think you had three.  Which one did you wear?

Hubster:  Considering I don’t own a black jacket, it must have been yours.

Valkyrie:  (laughing) Oh dear, when did you figure it out?  When you noticed the buttons were on the wrong side?  When you noticed that there were no pockets?

Hubster:  It was in the dry cleaning bag with the other jackets; I just grabbed one!

Valkyrie:  (laughing even harder)  This thing has SHOULDERPADS!  You didn’t even notice the shoulderpads?

Hubster:  I JUST TOOK A JACKET OUT OF THE DRY CLEANING BAG.  (huffs out of the room while the Valkyrie continues to laugh)


About The Knitting Cinephile

I'm obsessed with good yarn, bad movies, and the Hubster.
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