MINI MOVIE REVIEW: “Greystone Park” (2011)

“Inspired by true events … that may or may not have happened to my cousin’s friend that his little brother told us about one night when we were all SO wasted on cherry wine.”

Yet another “found footage” film shot in another “abandoned mental institution” where “really bad things happened” like “weird torture” and “bizarre medical experiments”, meanwhile “one guy may still live there” and “just ignore the devil worshippers.”

However, when you’re Oliver Stone’s kid, you get t0 spend Daddy’s money on better effects and an actual crew.

Perhaps, though, this time, it was Dad who collected all the cameras and all the footage and edited it to the beat of an epileptic seizure.


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One Response to MINI MOVIE REVIEW: “Greystone Park” (2011)

  1. David Richards says:

    Didn’t know Oliver Stone’s son directed this. Maybe I’ll give it a try.


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