TH13: My Reactions while watching “Cannibal Holocaust” (1980)



  1. Oh yeah, these guys are gonna die.
  2. The crustiest and most cynical jackasses make the best guides.
  3. Oh, holy GOD!
  4. That’s not a muskrat!  That’s a coatimundi, and …..  oh, NO!
  5. This television executive is one wacky woman.  Has she never heard of the FCC?  Or screening all material before committing to air the material?  Even the guys from MST3K learned that lesson with “Sidehackers”!
  6. I’m sure some documentarians do some “fixing” of shots, but this is ridiculous!
  7. By now I’m hoping these guys do die.
  9. And the little pig too?  For the love of Mike!
  10. Oh, thank heavens most of this kind of filmmaking isn’t allowed anymore.
  11. Oh … oh jeez, just make it stop.  I can’t stand this.
  12. Who in their right mind actually agreed to be in this?
  13. Wait … if the natives were afraid of the film canisters who took the film out of the camera?



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4 Responses to TH13: My Reactions while watching “Cannibal Holocaust” (1980)

  1. David Richards says:

    Crazy movie. It left me depressed, but I was entertained watching it, didn’t like the animal stuff either.


  2. monster1711 says:

    Yeah, this movie is quite an undertaking. Pretty funny stuff you got there lol. Really enjoying your site by the way, I am now following, love the content. I recently started my own film blog and would love for you to check it out. :).


  3. endofthegame says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but that little monkey thing that gets stabbed did it for me worse than the turtle. The squeal it made as it was getting stabbed was so heartbreaking. The turtle was just… a bit fucked up. But then again, not as fucked up as seeing a woman get aborted and then having its fetus thrown in the mud. Sure one scene was real and one was not, but fuck, they both looked equally real from where I was sitting.


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