Men in Kilts, Loud Bagpipes, Tossing Heavy Objects, Scotch, and Organ Meats: It’s a Scottish Party!

Dear Friends, So the good Hubster and I hied ourselves to one our favorite yearly events, the Phoenix Highland Games and Clan Gathering.  We’ve been going to this one almost yearly since we’ve met 11 years ago; in fact, the 2002 one was actually one of our first dates.  When we first met  (and when we were still trying to impress each other) the Hubster was quick to say that he wasn’t much of a sports watcher. This turned out to be a bit of a lie. He likes watching games — in particular football — but he’s not a rabid fan of any kind of sporting event or team.  So on this date, I pointed out his slightly fallacious statement regarding sporting events, to which he replied:

“This isn’t a sporting event.  This is ENTERTAINMENT.”

It was also the first time I saw the Hubster’s bare legs (the games used to be in late February) which are a bit hairy and brought to my mind the word hobbit.  But we ate turkey legs and visited the clan booths and looked at the wares and watched the games and had a lovely time.  This date, of course, was after the incident with the party at my house when the cops showed up, but that’s a different story. We were quite pleased with the games this year as it seems that the Caldonian Society was able to get more corporate sponsorship, so it seemed that the whole event was bigger.  I was very happy to see more cars this year.  There were a number of Minis (proper ones!), as well as this magnificent 1953 Jaguar: 100_1149 My heavens, I know it screams penis extension but what a lovely one it is! We also got to listen to the Wicked Tinkers, two members of Brother, and then we got a special treat with this band: 100_1155 This is Celtica, and they’re pretty awesome.  At this moment, they were playing a medly of “We Will Rock You” and “I Love Rock and Roll”, both of which translate pretty well to bagpipes.  And it’s always a treat to hear something on the pipes that isn’t “The Fields of the Forest” or something. Speaking of traditional piping, though, there were also pipe competitions for both group and solo pipers.  Here’s the Glendale, Arizona Pipe and Marching Band: 100_1152 The major was doing also doing some neat tricks with the mace — twirling it around his neck as well as tossing it in the air like a baton.  I texted my Bubba, who is the drum major for the McGuire’s Pub Irish Pipe Band and he said that when he tries to do a trick he hits himself in the head.  I suggested padding the mace. But of course, what are the Games without Games???

Of course, the most-asked question of the day involved men and what they wear beneath their kilts.  Here’s a helpful t-shirt discussing that very question: 100_1150


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