Conversation with Hubster: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Hubster:  I got you something today.

Valkyrie:  You did?  Was it something I was supposed to notice?  Because sometimes I don’t notice things, you know.

Hubster:  I know.  I got you some ice cream.  I was also going to get you flowers, but they were all wilted and I didn’t want to pay for wilted flowers.

Valkyrie:  I know you wouldn’t.  What kind of ice cream?

Hubster:  Vanilla and Cookie dough.

Valkyrie:  That sounds good.

Hubster:  They’re low fat or low sugar or something.  They’ll probably be gross.

Valkyrie:  How nice.  I love you too.


About The Knitting Cinephile

I'm obsessed with good yarn, bad movies, and the Hubster.
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