It’s a Blood Blanket Bingo!


I recently watched a movie called “Blood Song” (1982) that starred none other than Frankie Avalon … yes, that Frankie Avalon, in one of the lower points of his career. According to the story (!) in 1955, a young boy — whose main talent is tooting “Brahm’s Lullaby” on a train whistle — witnesses the murder-suicide of his parents. Flash forward 25 years, he escapes from the looney bin and goes on a murderous rampage in the Pacific Northwest, all the while tooting on his train whistle the same lullaby over and over and over.

Writer: What the heck tune can we use for this? It has to be recognizable. And annoying. And in the public domain. And easy enough for Frankie Avalon to play.

Director: Brahm’s Lullaby?

Writer: Awesome! Go for it!

The other plot point is that of the high-school girl Marion, played by Donna Wilkes, a likable girl who wears a leg brace (we find out why later in the movie, although a girl who can’t exactly run is always a good thing to have in a horror flick). She has a blood transfusion with blood taken from the crazy-eight bonkers Frankie Avalon character because hey, if you need to fill a blood bank, let’s just follow the Tuskegee experiment model, right?

Of course, Marion begins to have visions of Paul (Frankie Avalon) killing folks left and right because tainted blood does that to you. Everyone thinks she’s a little nuts because of this, but Paul decides, hey, let’s go after her too in this new righteous van I just stole from a guy I just killed. Yes, it’s one righteous van. Hilarity ensues, in particular with the big forklift scene at the end.

Unfortunately, the fate of the train whistle was unknown. Personally, I wanted to see it driven through the screenwriter’s eye. Could we have had a little “Freebird” on that thing? Please??


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