THURS 13: Things I Learned From Watching “Deep Red” (1975) by Dario Argento

  1. Lithuanian, German, whatever.
  2. If your downstairs neighbor is murdered, it is personally up to you to solve the murder, especially if you’re a pianist.
  3. Blood in 1975 was as viscous as tempera paint.
  4. No one goes out into the streets in Italy after 8 pm, except for a drunken pianist.  (not the same one from #2)
  5. In Italy, they will throw you out of a bar for drunkeness, but you will be allowed to take your glass with you.
  6. It’s okay to break into a school as long as you plan to call the police to tell them about it later.
  7. An acceptable Christmas gift for your young son is the chef’s knife you just pulled out of your back.
  8. A male pianist is unable to beat a female journalist in arm wrestling.
  9. It is acceptable to wear black leather gloves with a brown leather raincoat.
  10. A newspaper office in Italy has the same noise decibel level as a jet plane.
  11. It’s okay to do random demolition in a vacant house that isn’t yours as long as you’re a pianist trying to solve a murder.
  12. It’s okay to show a live lizard struck through with a hat pin.  Or at least it was at the time of this film.
  13. All cinematic sins are forgiven if you have your movie scored by a rock group named “Goblin”.

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