I’m sorry, Evel Kinevel

Hubster and I have started to take a little walk most evenings with the Gypsy dog (the one with the recent $600 vet bill), mostly because I’m trying to exercise a bit but also to get the dog out.  At the same time, I get the benefit of spending time with the Hubster and having chats with him, which I consider a good thing, being that I’m married to the bloke and all.

However, this time also has proven that I am in fact clinically insane.

Well, that’s according to the Hubster.  And considering he’s a Vulcan, anything beyond mildly looney is bizarre to him.  One thing I have a habit of doing is spitting out anything that comes to mind, and if you have ever read my Conversations with Hubster, then you already know this.  I also have this tendency to break out into spontaneous song.  This is not a new occurence; I’ve been doing this most of my life by the songs have gotten more bizarre as I’ve aged and even more so since meeting the Hubster.  I suppose he brings out the silly in me . . . a good example is the “Naked in Sedona” song, which I created when, well, we were *ahem* naked.  In Sedona.  In a hotel bed.  TMI, I know, but at the time that song was one of my masteripieces.  It had about 17 verses and expounded on being naked in Sedona in a hotel bed.  Hey, we got engaged that weekend.  It must have been a good song.

On a recent walk, I nearly reduced myself to hyperventilating because I was giggling so much at a song that twisted into my head, that went like this:

I am . . . EVEL KINEVEL!

I’ve broken . . . ALL MY BONES!

I’ve got . . . PUBIC LICE!

It was about this point I actually had to stop walking because I was giggling so hard I lost my breath.  And I almost tinkled myself. I’m not saying that I’m coming up with the next Ave Maria, for heaven’s sakes, you know this, right??   I think I come up with this stuff because at work I speak a certain speech all day long (on the phone, and CALLS ARE ON HOLD, you know) so my brain has to tickle itself with silliness once I get out of there.  It’s all balance, you know.  It makes for a nice evening.

So does being naked in Sedona in a hotel bed.  Y’all should try it sometime!


About The Knitting Cinephile

I'm obsessed with good yarn, bad movies, and the Hubster.
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