regarding my dad (august 1940-march 2009)

Conversation with Hubster:


Hubster:  So did your dad ever call you “Princess?”

Valkyrie:  No, his nickname for me was “Bubble Butt.”

Hubster:  I think that suits you better.

Valkyrie:  **laughing** Yeah, me too.


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I'm obsessed with good yarn, bad movies, and the Hubster.
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1 Response to regarding my dad (august 1940-march 2009)

  1. awittykitty says:

    My Dad used to call me (my real first name) “Biffski” and used to make this rhyme: “B—- Biffski, she likes whiskey”. Kinda a weird thing to say to a 6 year old. I knew he said it with affection though.


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