yelling CHUPACABRA in a crowded cantina

Dear Friends,

So apparently someone found my blog by googling:

fun things for your lizard

I’m not sure what possessed Google™ to find my blog for such a non-sequitur, but hey, if it gets me noticed, I’m all for it. I mean, I don’t necessarily talk about lizards on this blog. Now, over the weekend, Hubster did let Wally the Cat into the backyard for the better part of the afternoon while he (the Hubster) did severe demolition to the dying tangerine tree. Wally celebrated his temporary freedom by catching a lizard and making off with its tail (which Wally proceeded to eat as opposed to drop it at my bare feet as a prize for me – not that Wally would do that anyway, as he is definitively Hubster’s cat) . . . so that is the most recent lizard experience I have had.

I do like chuckwallas, mostly because I like to say “chuckwalla” in a weird accent, such as, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Flying Chuckwallas!” This, by the way, is a chuckwalla:

I also say “Chupacabra!” in a similar voice. A Chupacabra, as we all know, is a “goat-sucker” demon creature south of the Mexican border. They supposedly look something like this:

 Lovely creature, eh? I actually think that people are just seeing rabid Chinese Crested dogs, you know, those horrible-looking things that always win the “ugly dog” contests:

Seriously, do you see any difference there? The photos are practically interchangeable. Try it at home. Make a flip book and frighten your small children with it. It’s fun!


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2 Responses to yelling CHUPACABRA in a crowded cantina

  1. awittykitty says:

    Most Googles leading to my blog have to do with crackhead whores. So lizards aren’t too bad. Of course, now you’ll be getting all the goatsucking freaks.


  2. Anne says:

    Lizards, huh. No thanks, anyway! 🙂


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