like a salt-filled pancake laid upon the body politic

Dear Friends,

If you follow the national news, you might have seen that Arizona in particular was hit with some weird-ass weather, essentially culminating in a year’s worth of precipitation in about 2 days. There was even a tornado warning in Scottsdale (a warning, can you believe it?) which is nigh impossible considering the washes, the canals, and the little mountains that are up there.

I’m all for rainy weather in this area though, considering that Arizona has been in a drought for the past 12 years or so, so it’s about time that the wet stuff deluges us all. This is, however, the only state I’ve lived in where people stop what they’re doing to marvel at the water falling from the sky.

It’s very akin to seeing the sun during the winter in the Pacific Northwest. The year I lived there, seeing the sun anytime between October and March led us all to cower in fear, shrieking, “The big glowing orb will fall from the sky and kill us all!”

Recent Conversation with the Hubster:

Valkyrie: Where did your butt go?

Hubster: What?

Valkyrie: You used to have a cute little perky butt! Where did it go? I’m gonna put a cat down your pants.

Hubster: A cat??

Valkyrie: No, better would be an envelope of kittens.

Hubster: Why did you put kittens in an envelope?

Valkyrie: I didn’t put the kittens in the envelope. That’s the way the kittens were given to me!

Hubster: Who the hell gave you an envelope full of kittens??

Valkyrie:  No one did!  This is just a hypothetical envelope of kittens!

Hubster: *pause* You’re weird.

The rain, you see. Too much rain in the desert, you get hypothetical envelopes of kittens. You get glowing orbs falling from the sky. You get Cthulu balaclavas:


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2 Responses to like a salt-filled pancake laid upon the body politic

  1. There sure are a great deal of unique breeds of cats in the populace these days. I cannot really pick a best-loved one, some are more amusing to me than others. But in the end I have to tell I love all the cats I have gotten to experience. They actually are intriguing little beasts. I believe that the Siamese cats are really ravishing, but also really strange lol. I love them, but they can be kind of high strung.


  2. Anne says:

    Well, I’ve missed you!


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