it’s not gonna keep me from eating roast pork, though!

Hello, Dear Friends.

If you read my tweets or facebookings or whatever the heck they’re called, then you know that I’ve been down for the past few days with the flu, more than likely of the swine variety.  The only reason I say that is because I got inoculated for the regular kind and the fact that around 4 am Sunday morning, I thought I was going to freeze to death.  So I huddled under many blankets and turned the heated mattress pad on high (yes, a heated  mattress pad, we get kind of thin-blooded here in Arizona after a while) and then woke up the Hubster who disagreed with me on the fact that I was freezing to death; I was actually burning up with fever.  Then he went back to sleep.  Hubster’s not a man to disturb when he’s sleeping.  However, if you ever ask the Hubster how he sleeps, he will tell you that he’s a very light sleeper and he hasn’t gotten a good night’s sleep since he met me seven and a half years ago.  On the other hand, if you ask me, he’s got the loudest snore of a “light sleeper” that I’ve ever known.

Anyway, I spent all day Sunday (which was our sixth wedding anniversary, drat the luck!) either fitfully dozing in bed or fitfully dozing in the recliner or falling down when I got up to go the bathroom.  When that occurred, Hubster reflected that he’s had pneumonia and swine flu, yet he never got faint upon standing, yet, when I fall ill, I tend to get very light-headed.  That’s probably because his brain is so chock-full of stupid facts, like the half-life of the bottom half of the periodic table, whereas my brain is filled with bad movie trivia, knitting stitches, and Gilbert& Sullivan lyrics. 

See?  You have a head full of light opera, you get light-headed when you’re feverish.  Makes sense to me, Hubster, what’s your problem??

So I’ve been home from work this week, and I’m staying home again tomorrow, because the very very tiny presence of logic in me says that I should stay home if I have the freaking swine flu, but then, the Very Recently Unemployed part of me (which is still kind of foremost in my very paranoid psyche) worries that I might not have a job to go back to.

Gah.  I am being illogical, no? 

Anyway, I’m off to take a couple more meds . . . ta!


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I'm obsessed with good yarn, bad movies, and the Hubster.
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One Response to it’s not gonna keep me from eating roast pork, though!

  1. artgnome says:

    sorry to hear you are ill, and for my absence. I’ve been crazy busy trying to finish my semester. I hope you are up and feeling less light headed very soon. xo!


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