the sun’s always shining when you wear a metal hat

Conversation with Hubster:

Valkyrie:  You get naked faster than any man I’ve known!

Hubster:  That’s because I wear only three articles of clothing, and two of them are on top of each other!

Dear Friends,

Hi there!  Remember me?  I tell you what, this working 40 hours a week and having WordPress blocked at you work is not conducive to blogging, and the Hubster kind of put a kibosh on me being on the computer so much when I’m at home.     He doesn’t “get” the blogging thing, but then he’s a Vulcan(tm) with the social capacity of a squished ferret.

Speaking of the Hubster, he just celebrated his 40th birthday!  He wasn’t too happy about the prospect, but then I gently reminded him that 40 was nothing to be too concerned about, but then, he’d always be older than me.  I got a pinch for that.

I did, however, call his office two weeks beforehand and warned them of the impending date and asked them to give him merry hell.  And they very happily obliged:





I know you can’t see it, but that little biohazard symbol on the back of the vest says, Warning!  Toxic Gas!


It must be nice to have an office with a door.  Except when your buddies at work know you’re turning 40.  And Hubster’s office is visible from the front desk (and the front door) so he got ribbed all day long. 


Still, he’s pretty goode looking for 40.  I think I’ll hang on to him.


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I'm obsessed with good yarn, bad movies, and the Hubster.
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4 Responses to the sun’s always shining when you wear a metal hat

  1. Perez Christina says:



  2. poolagirl says:

    He’s a total cutie!


  3. awittykitty says:

    What a good sport Hubby was, wearing the Pointy Hat of Birthday Humiliation. I thought I was looking at photos from an episode of “The Office”


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