good news, bad movie, life is great!

So I know I haven’t written here in a little bit; however, if you are privy to my tweets and facebooking (or what ever the hell it’s called) then you already know that I have been offered a temp position which I readily accepted. Yes, I got a job! It’s a customer service position with a healthcare contractor place that handles claims for mental health, among other things. The actual temp contract is for two months. Of course, since my last “temp” position was supposed to last for two weeks, which turned into 4 and ½ years, I could probably consider this time as “probation”.

Of course, there is “Murphy’s Law” or a “sudden embarrassment of riches” or what ever you want to call it, because as soon as I accepted the temp position, I got calls from two other job recruiters who desperately want me to interview with two other companies who LOVE my resume and want to speak to me immediately.

Of course.

So on Monday, my first day of my new temp job, I actually have the first of a two-part interview at 7:00 am. The second half will be on Tuesday morning at the same time, as I explained to the job broker that I could not, would not, jeopardize my standing in this temp position after being unemployed for so long.

Otherwise, at the moment, I’m typing this at the same time as watching a movie in Castillian Spanish called The Loreley’s Grasp, and the Loreley herself is doing her best to look damn sexy while lounging on a folded tarp in a warehouse.

girl on tarp

Why do I watch movies like this again?

I’m not fully knowledgeable of the legend of the Loreley, but it seems kind of similar to the Rusulka, a Slavic legend about a young woman who was killed on her wedding night and is now doomed to live in a lake and lure other young men to their drowning death for revenge. Loreley (at least in this picture) wears a green bikini and morphs into a Creature of the Black Lagoon costume-wearing person to rip out and feed on the hearts of the living. Oh, and apparently she needs her strands of oversized fake pearls to breathe on land.

It’s 1974, it’s Spanish; what else do you want?

sheep in lab

Other than keeping a sheep in your laboratory, apparently. Seriously, the mad doctor in this movie keeps a sheep in his lab. Did I fall into a Jess Franco movie?


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2 Responses to good news, bad movie, life is great!

  1. awittykitty says:

    I’m typing this at the same time as listening to Penny Lane by the Beatles, but no sheep. When it rains it pours. Just do what seems right. Bird in the hand and all that. Congrats again once again. And good luck on talking to mentally ill people. Maybe we’ll meet!!!!!!!! WHee!!! I promise not to yell. 😛


  2. Congrats on the job thing! I hope the most wonderful option unfolds for you!


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