Does “pwned” mean “owned”?

So anyway, right now I’m hopping mad.  I’m really, really, burned out by this whole “job search” thing.  What I’m particularly burned out about are these jobs that say, “Well, you can apply, but unless you can be available to schedule anywhere between 4 am and 9 pm, then go fuck yourself.”

Yes, that was in fact the conversation I just had with a recruiter.  She actually said, “Unless you’re willing to make the sacrifice to give up those ‘social obligations’ that you have twice a week, you might as well not bother applying.”

Those “social obligations”?

  • My Hubster.  I want to work a similar schedule to him.  Why?  Oh, because I enjoy looking at him now and again when he’s awake.
  •  This is my weekly knitting group, the one that I organize, the one that I love (oh hell, I love all my knitting get-togethers, but this one is MINE).
  • My weekly Weight Watchers meeting.  Yeah, I know that I could go to a different meeting, but the other meetings either cut into my time with the aforementioned bullet points, or are monitored by people who make me itch.  And we all know how I don’t like to be made itchy.  I’m not that fond of salve.

I don’t think I’m asking too much to be allowed to ask for a schedule that permits me to partake of these three things, am I?  Or am I just a reprobate left-over of the “me” generation as opposed to the “thank you sir may I have another” generation?


However, to not make this whole entry a complete bummer, I will say that I did have a very good interview yesterday with a company that seemed to really really like me.  And they promise that they’ll call me for a second interview.  I hope that I can persuade them that I’m still a good worker even though I want to leave at 5 pm two days a week.


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3 Responses to Does “pwned” mean “owned”?

  1. awittykitty says:

    Crossing my fingers for you for the company who likes you. But I know what you mean about people being hardasses about something you might have scheduled. When I was out interviewing last year, all I asked was to be out of work by 6:30 Wed. for my art class and for some god forsaken reason it was like I was asking for a 43 week paid vacation. People have lives you know. Good luck though!


  2. artgnome says:

    I think that is short sighted on their part. maybe there is something better around the corner. here’s hoping and praying for that! xo


  3. The recruiters are trying to place you. Some of them are slimy as hell and will use fear tactics: “Unless you give your bosses blow jobs, you’ll lose out to those who will, so pucker up.”

    Eh, yeah, scroomall. It took me a while, but I finally got a job that allows me to work entirely from home, on a team entirely peopled by competent folks, with a severely rockin’ boss who gives clear direction and does not micromanage.

    The jobs are out there. Don’t listen to the recruiters. They’re frustrated, too – even the good ones.


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