Woot, Gah, Ewwwww.

My big news at the moment is that I have officially lost 55.6 pounds!  Yay me!  Although, I have to tell you, that last five pounds was like, 9 months in coming off.  I should consider it my “baby weight” or something.  Of course, I’ve had a lot to deal with in the past nine months, but still!  It’s good to be back on the weight loss wagon.

Otherwise, I’m still in the unemployment hell, as I’m now required to apply for the “emergency extended benefits”, which means that the stressed-out sytem will be losing my paperwork faster than I can re-FAX it.  I think I’ll send those papers again.  And again and again and again.  That way, at least I know that they can’t say that I never sent them.

I’m also concerned for my friend K, who is teetering on the brink of possibly losing her job, which happens to be where I just interviewed (“do you mind working days one week and graves the next?”).  I do have to say that they are jerking her around — she’s on a temp position, and they keep chaning her end date, which has now turned to “indefinite”, when K was attempting to figure out if she shoud move back cross-country.  However, there’s been a firing because of “email chatter” which K was involved in, so I don’t know.  It’s hard when you’re in a temp position to keep yourself busy when you run out of assigned work, which is where K finds herself daily — and she doesn’t have internet on her work computer.  How the hell did we look busy on temp assignments before the internet?  I think I wrote short stories or something.  Or typed letters.  Or played a lot of solitaire. 

It’s all so tenuous right now, the job market.  Tenuous.  Neener.  It sucks, that’s what it does.  Like a whirlpool with a Hoover(tm) attached.

My Gypsy girl (my dog):


Also had a tenuous day yesterday — she was at the vet getting dental surgery!  When we brought her home from the dog sitter, it looked like she had a case of pink eye, so I took her into the vet, who looked in her mouth and nearly gagged!  Her upper teeth looked decidedly grody and she had a raging case of gingivitis (what can I say, I never look in her mouth), so the vet thought that her eye was due to potential tooth abcesses.  So yesterday she had to get knocked out and her poor teeth looked after.

The good news was, she didn’t have any abcesses, she didn’t have to lose any teeth, she just had the worst case of gingivitis the vet had ever seen.  In fact, all of her bloodwork showed she was exceptionally healthy.  At any rate, a lot of money later, I got sent home with a loopy dog and a bottle of mouthwash spray we’re supposed to rub on her gums a few times a week.

I suppose it’s a lot cheaper than having kids, ne?


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3 Responses to Woot, Gah, Ewwwww.

  1. poolagirl says:

    Glad your doglet is feeling better. Canine denistry is WAY expensive. My heart goes out to you!


  2. artgnome says:

    I used to doodle or journal in longhand to look busy before the internet. I worked temp for about 20 years. gah!


  3. awittykitty says:

    My weirdest temp job was in the San francisco financial district in the 80’s. I sat at this desk in a massive empty office by myself answering maybe 1 phone call in an 8 hour day. This was before the internet, so one day I brought my camera and photographed myself in ballet-like positions around the office space. I hope there were no security cameras! LOL! I quit after a week. It was too damn boring.


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